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Enter Fuschia OS, Google’s Secret Operating System

The proverbial beans have been spilled. Fuschia OS has been revealed. Google has been “secretly” working on a brand new operating system built from scratch. In short this operating system unlike Android is not based on Linux.

As a matter of fact Fuschia OS uses a different core called the Magenta kernel.

Why Fuschia OS?

Well it is not exactly clear as to why Google is building a brand new operating system but first pointers direct to Internet of Things (IoT) even though it will work on mobile devices and PCs as well. This so happens to be Google’s third operating system after Chrome OS and Android which was acquired from Andy Rubin back in 2005.

So it looks like Google has found a need to have a secure and lightweight operating system that can work across different architectures and hardware now and into the future. Apparently non of it’s existing operating systems are able to meet those requirements. Even the merging of Chrome OS and Android on PCs doesn’t seem to make the cut.

Google may now feel they have gained enough experience and knowledge from a decade of dabbling into the operating system domain and now want to rid the new system off past mistakes to come up with a solid and secure product.

Google has also had issues with Oracle on the use of Java and this operating system is a break from that with Dart programming language. This language may be what is used to develop apps for the new operating system.

More on Magenta

Magenta is built on top of the Little Kernel (LK), which is a small kernel designed for embedded devices. It battles in the same domain as the likes of real-time operating systems such as FreeRTOS and ThreadX.

Security may not have been in the core thoughts of Linux kernel contributors and the kernel itself may not be suitable for all case scenarios of Internet of Things. The Linux Foundation seems to agree in that it supporting another non-Linux kernel called Zephyr.

It will be interesting to keep an eye on where Google is going with Fuschia OS and we will keep you updated on this website.

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