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Inkscape 1.0 Release is now Available for Download

Inkscape 1.0 release, the opensource Adobe Illustrator alternative is now available for download with some fixes and new features. This open-source graphics editor is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

This new version now used GTK+3 for the user interface. Inkscape now comes with HiDPI (high resolution) support and now delivers a smoother, higher performance experience on Linux and Windows, and better system integration (no more XQuartz!) on macOS.

There is a new reorganized toolbox, with a more logical order and many new and improved Live Path Effect (LPE) features. Freestyle drawing users can now mirror and rotate the canvas, and test out Xray and Split-view modes.

The new PowerPencil mode of the Pencil tool provides pressure-dependent width and support for closed paths. With the new Inkscape you can now vectorize line drawings, too, in the new unified Trace Bitmap dialog.

There is now support for duplicate guides, corners and hairlines for technical drawing. Users can now export PDFs with clickable links and metadata.

There are now new palettes and mesh gradients that work in the web browser, as well as the handy on-canvas alignment for objects. New templates for different screen sizes, margin guides and a colorful checkerboard background are now available.

Inkscape 1.0 comes with an extension for creating interactive mockups to simulate user interaction with an app in the web browser for presentations to clients and usability testing.

Support for customizable themes, icons, fonts & UI is now available ranging from menus and toolbars to page sizes and custom font directories.

With the changes to the extensions system, users will find that some older extensions will no longer work until the developers update them to the new Python 3 API.

For these features and more you can head on over to the official release notes here. If you do not need to do that you can head on over to the Inkscape 1.0 release download page here and get your copy there.

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