Bolt Visual Scripting
Bolt Visual Scripting is now Available in Unity
Unity Technologies, the developers of Unity, a cross-platform game engine have… Read More
GIPHY Acquired by Facebook
Facebook Acquires GIPHY as Part of Instagram Team
Facebook has acquired GIPHY fora reported $400 million. it now becomes part of… Read More
Inkscape 1.0 Release
Inkscape 1.0 Release is now Available for Download
Inkscape 1.0 release, the opensource Adobe Illustrator alternative is now… Read More
When to Use Margin vs Padding in CSS
Though it may not be an age-old question, it so happens to decide when… Read More
Fixed Footer CSS
How to Implement Fixed Footer CSS in Your Website
This is another CSS tutorial that is straight to the point web design guide.… Read More
Change Text Selection
How to Change Text Selection Color Using CSS
The CSS3 ::selection pseudo-element is one of those things that was drafted… Read More
Add Google Fonts
How to Add Google Fonts to Your Website
Gone are the days when you had to rely on the fonts that you… Read More
Orlando Tech Week 2016
What’s Brewing at the Orlando Tech Week
The week long time of fun and games with all things technology starts in… Read More
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