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The June 2017 ACCU Overload 139 Journal is now Available

The June 2017 edition of the ACCU Overload 139 Journal brings some exciting topics to the readers. This magazine features topics with a bias on C++ though it includes related topics from other programming languages.

Overload is a publication of the ACCU. The ACCU is an organization of programmers who are interested in professionalism in programming. This is in terms of writing a good readable code. The publication features articles written by ACCU members.

What’s in Store in This Month’s ACCU Overload 139 Journal

The magazine starts off with a discussion on Allocator for (Re)Actors with Optional Kinda-Safety and Relocation where Sergey Ignatchenko proposes an allocation scheme for Reactors. He answers how to deal with memory for (Re)Actors.

The next topic is Initialization in C++ is Bonkers. Here Simon Brand reminds us how complicated uninitialized variables can be thereby causing many problems.

Vulkan and you – Khronos’ successor to OpenGL by Andy Thomason discusses how he demystifies the mysteries of the 3D Graphics API Vulkan.

In Kotlin for C++ Developers Hadi Hariri discusses the benefits Kotlin has for C and C++ developers. We then move on to Getting Tuple Elements with a Runtime Index where Anthony Williams demonstrates how to access tuples dynamically.

Last but certainly not least Chris Oldwood shares what makes programming fun for him.

You can check out the pdf version of the latest edition of the ACCU Overload 139 Journal from the official publication website here where you will find the link to the downloadable PDF.

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