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Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 set for June 1 Release

Microsoft has announced the upcoming release of SQL Server 2016. The scheduled date is set for June 1st 2016. There is also a preview version which is immediately available.

This announcement also comes after several rounds of testing of the many new features planned for SQL Server 2016 in its Azure cloud platform. This seems to be a direction which Microsoft will be taking in future by releasing features through the Azure Cloud.

What are the Highlights of SQL Server 2016?

A lot has gone into the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship database product and the major focus has been on performance and security. Microsoft boasts 100x faster queries, 30x faster throughput and 30x faster operations on its database server. The speed improvements can be achieved without having to upgrade the current hardware.

Speaking of queries SQL Server 2016 is capable of searching through encrypted data without the need to decrypt the data first.

Data warehousing and big data analytics is also a big focus in  SQL Server 2016 through its built-in R support. This database can also store and query both structured and unstructured data.

SQL Server 2016 will be available in 4 versions. These will be the paid commercial Enterprise and Standard editions. There will be a toned down Express edition with limits such as RAM usage at 1 GB and Data storage caped at 10 GB. Finally there will be a developer version that has no restrictions other than it cannot be used for commercial purposes as is with the other three editions.

The full editions of SQL Server 2016 will allow the database to scale up to 12 TB of memory  and 640 logical processors with Windows Server 2016. Advanced analytics can be processed directly within the database thereby reducing latencies and operational costs.

You can get to know more about this new database server before its release from the official product page here. For those who are not willing to wait for the official release date can also find a preview with which to get their hands dirty.

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