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OpenVX 1.1 Specification for Computer Vision Acceleration Released

Khronos has announced the release of the OpenVX 1.1 Specification. This set of APIs is geared towards high performance, low power computer vision acceleration.

The announcement was made at the Embedded Vision Summit currently taking place in Santa Clara, California.

What’s Special About OpenVX 1.1

The cross platform OpenVX enables the acceleration of computer vision applications, libraries and algorithms. This is beneficial  for several industry use cases such as facial recognition and video surveillance. Others are object and scene recognition, robotics and augmented realty. Face and body gestures have not been left out among other real world uses.

OpenVX is supported by major industry players such as NVIDIA, Intel, AMD. Also included is Synopsis, VeriSilicon and Imagination.

Some of the highlights of the new OpenVX 1.1 specification includes support for computational photography and Median, erode and dilate image filters. You will also find improved read and write interfaces. There is now a more flexible API for extending OpenVX and more.

You can get all the details about OpenVX 1.1 from the official release notes. You can get the API specification from this location.

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