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No Man’s Sky Refunds Escalate on Steam

It’s no secret, literally that No Man’s Sky Refunds have skyrocketed over the past couple of weeks. We talked about No Man’s Sky a few weeks ago but did not go into the details on all the hate the game has been receiving.

So What is the Hullabaloo Surrounding the No Man’s Sky Refunds

The issue started years ago before the game was ever released. Hello Games, the developers made a whole list of damning promises about what will be expected in the upcoming game. This got games fired up with anticipation.

The game finally came out and alas, it was not what it was said it would be. Well, at least that is what many avid gamers thought. The developers promised that players would interact with other explorers in this vast universe of a quintillion procedurally generated stars and planets. Well, everything in the game is procedurally generated.

This probably cannot be verified, anyway. To cut the long story short, the game just did not live to expectations. In spite of the vastness of the game, it tends to feel monotonous and lacks engaging excitement. The battle scenes feel kind of repeated and The discovery points on the planets all look the same.

Anyway Steam offered refunds on the game for any reason and boy did gamers heed the recall. The situation was so bad that Steam had to shut it all down. It gets worse. The refund was supposed to be valid to those who had clocked two hours or less of playtime. However, reports show that there are players who had clocked over 70 hours of play and still got their refunds.

Well, I do not want to end this on a negative note, so I might pass you on to this upcoming game, Star Citizen which is billed to be similar to No Man’s sky but promises to be better in all aspects. Follow that link to get the details.

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