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Unreal Engine 4.13 has Been Announced

The new version of Unreal Engine 4.13 Release has been announced for general availability. This new version comes with improvements, feature updates and bug fixes across the board.

Unreal Engine is an open source game engine developed by Epic Games and originally released in 1998 through the first-person shooter game Unreal. The Engine is developed in C++ programming language.

The current game engine version is designed for Microsoft’s DirectX 11 and DirectX 12. This is ideal for gaming applications on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Windows RT.  Unreal Engine also supports OpenGL on OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android and Windows XP. The game engine also supports Vulkan which opens up Android. Metal on iOS is also supported as well as JavaScript/WebGL for HTML5 based Web browsers.

Highlights of the Unreal Engine 4.13 Release

Unreal Engine 4.13 comes with hundreds of updates including 145 from the GitHub developer community. For the mobile developers, OpenGL ES 3.1 can now be used on Android with dynamic shadows being optimized. Stereo instancing has been optimized with VR games which also supports capsule shadows.

The new VR Editor now supports mesh and foliage painting, has a new transform gizmo and VR color picking. It also allows VR playback of games. Live recording from gameplay has been significantly improved. The new non-linear cinematic cinematic Sequencer comes with lots of new features for high-end cinematography.

There are a host of new voronoi noise materials such as marble. Blueprint functions now support drawing materials into render targets. Alembic animation import is now supported. It allows for complex animations to be authored offline, then rendered in real-time inside UE4. Mesh Preview Scenes are now supported in Unreal Engine 4.13.

Widget interaction components now supports simulation of hardware. Shader Model 5 support is now available for Mac OS X.

To get the whole list of feature updates and changes to Unreal Engine 4.13, you can visit the change log page here.  You can get yourself a copy of Unreal Engine by going to the official download page here.

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