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Download Your Latest Copy of Node 7.7.3 Release (Current) Now

Node 7.7.3 Release (Current) has been announced for general availability. This is a minor release that takes care of a few issues. This version has been made available for download concurrently with the latest LTS Version version 6.10.0 which includes npm version 3.10.10.

Node.Js is a free and open source JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. This makes it lightweight and efficient. It comes with the npm (NodePackage Manager) packaging system for easy maintenance.

Highlights of Node 7.7.3 Release (Current)

There are a number of fixes and improvements to this version of Node.Js. Most notably is the module loading global fallback to the Node executable’s directory fix. This now works properly on Windows.

A fix to the Socket.prototype.connect now allows it to function without a callback. While URL.prototype.origin now properly specified an opaque return of ‘null‘ for file:// URLs.

There is an extensive list of further improvements and bug fixes that can be found on the official release notes page here. If you are just interested in a new copy you can head on over to the download page to get yourself a copy. Otherwise you can use you package manager to upgrade your existing code or even install from scratch.

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