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POCO 1.7.7 Release is now Available for Download

The latest POCO 1.7.7 Release has been announced for general availability. The release comes with bug fixes and improvements over previous versions and is marked as a maintenance release.

POCO is set of free and open source C++ class libraries that are designed for use in building network and internet based applications. The library is lightweight and fast and is capable of being used on the Desktop and Server systems as well as mobile and embedded systems.

The libraries are written in modern and standard ANSI C++ and come in a modular design.

What’s new in POCO 1.7.7 Release

There are a number of bug fixes in the NetSSL_Win module, ODBC, Data, SQLite and Zip libraries. Also included are the Foundation, JSON and Net libraries. POCO 1.7.7 Release can now be compiled with OpenSSL 1.1.x.

The IPv6 DNS issue on iOS has now been fixed while the libraries now support Xcode 8.2 toolchains.

You can find the full list of updates here. Meanwhile you can go ahead and update or download the latest version from here.

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