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SQLite 3.16.0 Release is now Available for Download

SQLite 3.16.0 Release has been announced for general availability. This new version comes with new features and bug fixes over the previous releases.

SQLite is a SQL database engine that is self contained. It does not run as a server and is extremely lightweight. It is normally used as a highly reliable embedded file that conforms to the SQL standards. It works by reading and writing directly onto the file system.

What are the Highlights of the SQLite 3.16.0 Release

For a start SQLite 3.16.0 Release has been optimized to use 9% less CPU resources. There are now enhanced ate and time functions mainly to do with unix epoch dates. Experimental support for PRAGMA functions is now included in the engine.

The “.mode quote“, “.lint fkey-indexes” and the “.imposter dot-command” commands have been added to the command-line shell. The “WHERE x NOT NULL” has been enhanced as is the same with the LIKE and GLOB matching algorithms.

The long standing bug on the LEFT JOIN which returned incorrect results in the query planner has now been fixed. You can get a full list of changes in the release log found here. You can also get the latest download files from this official page here.

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