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Qt 5.9 Release is now Available for Download

The Qt 5.9 LTS release has been announced for general availability. This version comes with huge feature updates and performance improvements. This version comes with a large number of bug fixes with a focus on stability. This makes sense seeing this version is a LTS (Long Term Support). This gives it a lifeline of 3 years support.

Qt is a framework for developing cross platform applications using mainly C, C++, QML and JavaScript. It supports Desktop, MObile and Embedded development.

Highlights of the Qt 5.9 LTS Release

First off, the code base is now built with C++11 compliant compiler. This make the code base more modern over the previous Qt 5.6 LTS release. This is the version that has added the Qt Lite configuration system and introduced a major improved graphics architecture.

This release introduces support for Visual Studio 2017 compiler on Windows. There is also new added support for HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) in the Qt Network module.

Under Qt QML and Quick there is a brand new garbage collector and a new QML caching infrastructure which have improved performance. Qt Quick also uses the new OpenGL shader cache for improved application startup times.

Qt Webengine is now uses Chromium 56. The maps in Qt Location and Positioning can now be rotated and tilted through touch gestures.

QNX 7.0 support has been included in this Qt 5.9 LTS Release. To get the full scope of changes you can check out the official release page here.

You can also download a copy of this framework from the official download page here or through the Qt account portal here.

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