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Qbs 1.8 Release is now Available for Download

The Qt Company has announced the release of Qbs 1.8. This new version comes with some bug fixes and stability enhancements. This is a release that has set to be a curtain raiser for a big update with new features in the pipeline.

Qbs is a build tool which is ear marked to replace qmake as the main build tool in the upcoming Qt 6 build system. It is expected that Qbs will provide faster build times over qmake and other build tools. It also comes with an extensive feature set to improve the build experience.

Highlights of the Qbs 1.8 Release

Qbs 1.8 now supports QNX real-time operating system. FreeBSD is now a recognized target. This means there is now no need for additional environment configuration when building for FreeBSD.

There is now partial support for Android platform. You may also want to note that support for Clang/LLVM from the Android NDK is not yet complete.

To get the comprehensive details about all the new features, changes and breaks you can check out the release notes here.

You can go right ahead and download the open source version of Qbs 1.8 from the official download page here. For those with commercial licensed packages can get a copy from the Qt Account Portal located here.

It you have gotten yourself a copy of Qt Creator 4.3 then Qbs 1.8 is already included in your environment as it comes with that release of Qt Creator.

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