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SenchaCon 2016 Announced for November

SenchaCon 2016 has been announced for November 7th to 9th in Las Vegas at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. This annual convention is organised and hosted by Sencha, Inc. It is billed as the world’s largest universal application event.

The event brings together application developers, industry leaders, and Sencha experts to discuss the future of the modern web.

Highlights of SenchaCon 2016

SenchaCon showcases and focuses on technical skills training and keynotes from various Sencha technologies experts. Developers also get an opportunity to dive into select coding sessions with insights into the latest technological advancements.

The following are some of the session topics that are lined up for discussion. There is the discussion on the latest in technologies behind Ext JS which includes JavaScript ES6 or ECMAScript 2015.

The spicing up of Ext JS apps with D3 library to create sophisticated, data-driven Visualizations will take center stage at some point. The best practices on Themeing will certainly not be forgotten during the sessions.

As for the training sessions, developers have a lot to pick from. There will be an beginner introductory training session for those ready to et started with Ext JS. For those already familiar with the technologies there will be training on the Ext JS advanced concepts.

There will be a full days sessions showing developers how to build a universal application with the latest release of Ext JS while covering key concepts. With that in mind there will also be a session showing developers hot to best practices for testing Ext JS applications using Sencha Test.

SenchaCon 2016 conference training highlights would not be complete without a session covering the Sencha GXT framework covering the UI components which consist of layout containers, forms and validation, tabs, and data-bound components such as grids, lists and trees.

The 3 day event would not be complete without the SenchaCon 2016 party open to all attendees. You can now Visit the official conference website and get more information on the event including registration details. You will also be able to recap last year’s event highlights to get warmed up for November 2016.

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