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Getting up to Speed With Vivaldi 1.1

Vivaldi 1.1 comes just about three weeks after the original version went public. We did a review of the youngest web browser in the industry and covered all the bases around it.

Today we are again ready to bring you some great news concerning this web browser. Vivaldi.

Highlights of Vivaldi 1.1

With the team behind the latest web browser that is designed to increase productivity and efficiency for the user making speedy and great strides. They have found it important to release a new version with a couple of improvements.

Some of the main changes to Vivaldi 1.1 includes the ability to import your saved bookmarks, settings, passwords and everything from Opera 12 browser. This latest release is now based on Chromium 50. A side effect of this means that Vivaldi is now not compatible with Windows XP.

You can now hibernate an entire tab stack in addition to single tabs. Additional features have also been included to widen the scope of tab handling. The rest of the changes fall on bug and performance fixes.

You can find the comprehensive list of the new changes that on the official release notes page.

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