Qt 5.6.1 LTS Release
The new Qt 5.6.1 LTS Release is now Available
The latest developer toolkit Qt 5.6.1 LTS Release is now available for general… Read More
Qt 5.7.0 Release Candidate
Test Drive Your Copy of Qt 5.7.0 Release Candidate
Just over a month after the Beta hit the Qt download servers, we now… Read More
CUDA 8 Toolkit Release Candidate Valley Floor
The New CUDA 8 Toolkit Release Candidate Now Available
NVIDIA has announced the immediate availability of CUDA 8 Toolkit Release… Read More
Rust-1.9 Released
The new Rust 1.9 Release Announced
A few weeks after the release of the previous version, the Rust Project… Read More
Gradle Elephant Silhouette
Meet Gradle the Multi-Language Build Automation Tool
Before we dive much deeper into this, it is good to get this one… Read More
Gradle Summit 2016 Palo Alto, California Standford University
Just a few Weeks Until Gradle Summit 2016
All roads lead to Palo Alto, California for the Gradle Summit 2016. This years… Read More
Kotlin 1.0.2 Programming Language Update
Kotlin 1.0.2 Update is now Available
The fellows at JetBrains have announced the release of Kotlin 1.0.2 which comes… Read More
Qt Creator 4.0.0 Mac Book
Qt Creator 4.0.0 is now Available for Download
Qt Creator 4.0.0 has been announced for immediate availability. It comes… Read More
Qt Cloud Services Sunset
The Sun Sets on Qt Cloud Services
Back in January 2016, it was announced that Qt Cloud Services would be toning… Read More
GCC 6.1 Gnu
Get Your Latest Copy of GCC 6.1 Release
The Free Software Foundation compiler team has announced the release of GCC… Read More
Qt Creator 4.0 RC1
Qt Creator 4.0 RC1 is Released
The release of Qt Creator 4.0 RC1 has been announced. This release builds on… Read More
Kotlin Night San Francisco
In San Francisco for the Kotlin Night
The Kotlin Night in San Francisco has been announced for Tuesday May 17th 2016.… Read More
QtCon 2016 Berlin Conference Center
All Geared up for QtCon 2016
The countdown to the QtCon 2016 conventions is here. The conference this year… Read More
Embedded Vision Summit 2016
Embedded Vision Summit 2016 Conference
The annual Embedded Vision Summit 2016 themed “Designing Machines that… Read More
Qt Creator 4.0 Beta-Valley-Floor
Qt Creator 4.0 Beta released
The team at the QT Company has announced the immediate release of Qt Creator… Read More
CLion 2016.1 Final Edition
JetBrains Releases CLion 2016.1 Final Version
A few days ago we discussed about the CLion 2016.1 Release Candidate in this… Read More
Qt 5.6 Released Sheep
Qt 5.6 Finally Gets Released
The Qt Company has announced the release of Qt 5.6. This is a finally… Read More
Clang 3.8
The new Clang 3.8 Release is Out
The release of the latest version Clang 3.8 has been announced and is now… Read More
CLion 2016.1 Release Candidate
CLion 2016.1 Release Candidate now Available
The awesome fellows at Jet Brains have announced the immediate availability of… Read More
Qt 5.7 Alpha Mobile Phone
Qt 5.7 Alpha Sources Released for Download
The Qt Company Limited has announced the immediate availability of the Qt 5.7… Read More
Qt 5.6.0 Toolset Libraries
Qt 5.6.0 Release Candidate Available for Download
With the release of Qt 5.6.0 Release Candidate, it brings us ever closer to… Read More
Qt World Summit 2016
Qt World Summit 2016 be There San Francisco
This year’s Qt World Summit 2016 takes place in San Francisco. The dates… Read More
CMake 3.5.0-rc2
Get Your Latest Copy of CMake 3.5.0-rc2 Now
Download the Latest Release Candidate Version Here Kitware has announced the… Read More
What is Rust Programming Language Fungi Mushroom
What is Rust Programming Language, a Quick Glance
So you ask. What is Rust Programming Language? As we attempt to answer that… Read More
Rust 1.6 Update
Announcing Rust 1.6 Update for Immediate Availability
Rust 1.6 the latest version of the fast systems programming language has been… Read More
Lizard LLVM 3.8.0
LLVM 3.8.0 Release Candidate 1 Available for Download
LLVM 3.8.0 Release Candidate 1 has been announced and made available for… Read More
VB Decompiler
A Quick Look at What VB Decompiler has to Offer
Honestly, I thought that by the time 2016 hits VB would be collecting dust… Read More
VB Decompiler
VB Decompiler v10.2 is Released
DotFix Software has announced the immediate release of VB Decompiler v10.2. The… Read More
Kathmadu Nepal, NVIDIA Codewoks for Android 1R4 Android
NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android-M Updated to 1R4
NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android 1R4 is now available for download. This is an… Read More
Apple Computer Qt 5.6 Beta
Qt 5.6 Beta has Been Released
The Qt Company announced over the weekend that it has released Qt 5.6 Beta… Read More
Assembly Language Circuit Board
A Quick Overview of an Assembly Language
Assembly Language is a low-level programming language specific to a certain… Read More
Optimizing Compilers and Assembly
Of Optimizing Compilers and Assembly Language
Don’t get hung up on optimizing compilers or assembly language. The best… Read More